Assessment Capable Learners I

How to foster assessment capable learners in distance learning

October 29th - 16.00 to 18.00 (GMT -3)

Silvia Renata Figiacone

Phd. in psychology - UP

Santiago Satelier

English TeacherEnglish Principal at San Juan el Precursor School



  1. What is a Visible Learner?

  2. Characteristics of Assessment Capable Learners

  3. Strategies for building Assessment Capable Learners


People tend to believe that an assessment capable learner is the one who can tell how well he/she performs on tests. However, this is a misconception. Hattie (2012) remarks that it is important for students to know where they are going, how they are going to get there, and where to go next.


In this online workshop we will explore:

  • How becoming an assessment capable learner benefits students in the learning process

  • Ways in which teachers can help students to become assessment capable

  • Teaching strategies and activities that encourage assessment capable learning

  • Examples of what assessment capable learners do and how they describe their learning process.

Format & Materials


The course will be held in Spanish with focus on ESL via virtual platform (ZOOM Pro).

As it will have a workshop dynamic, there will be an explanation of the theoretical framework plus discussion among the attendees on how to apply the tools that are presented throughout the course.

Prior to the talk, you will receive:

  • Class and reading materials

  • PDF files that the organizers used to prepare this workshop including translated guides for the use of thinking routines.

Certificates of attendance will be issued.

Pricing & Payment method

Payment in Argentina: $500, (wire)

PayPal: USD 7.00